Memory Lane Chinese restaurant in SF

I remember as a child my family would go to this higher end Chinese restaurant in the San Francisco Cannery building. I think it was the Cannery building or next door. I remember the Cannery signage. I believe the restaurant was on the top floor. This would be in the late 70’s, early 80s. My family would take our relatives from out of town to this place. It had a lot of round tables for banquets. Anyone remember the name of this restaurant?



Thank you. Shang Yuen is it.

We lived in SF a in the late 1970’s after college and every Friday night we would stand in line to eat at Hunan on Kearny street. The New Yorker famously called it the best Chinese restaurant in the world. I’ve still got my signed Henry Chung cookbook.


Use to go to old school Chinese American places with my Dad. His favorite was Jackson Cafe, where his father took him as a kid. Prime rib for something crazy like $5or 6 bucks…full order with soup, roll, dessert. Long gone, there was a “New Jackson Cafe” but it closed before 2000? Then a XLB place went in there. Lots of other Chinese American places like Uncle’s, Pacific Cafe. My uncle’s favorite was Louie’s California Cuisine…which was Cantonese. I think it closed in the 90s. Places still open, Yuet Lee and Hing Lung…but haven’t been for a long time. Lots of places in the Richmond…too many to list.


Grandfather was a counter man at Uncle’s. He’d brag about getting a $0.25 (quarter) tip from some of the regulars. Was hard for us FOB’s at first to understand this amazing gesture.

America, what a country!!! Manna from heaven!!!