Membership Required To Eat in Costco food court

Just telling the front door greeter know that you’re buying from the food court will no longer work for non-members in a few weeks. Haven’t noticed this in KC stores.

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Good on Costco for cutting off unprofitable free rider trade, when seating is often at a premium for the paying cardholders. Now, for the bad on Costco: the cohort of cardholders still fuming about the Polish Sausage vanishing from the menu maybe grows every day?

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I found it lame joining Costco . I would buy 6 items a year . Wish they just had a 1 day pass .

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I actually didn’t know that you could eat at the food court without a membership, but that does help explain why the food court is always so packed. Hopefully the new policy will reduce the crowding somewhat.

Pay a friend with membership to buy you a Costco cash (gift) card. In denominations of $25 to $1k.

The card will allow you access and payment without an annual membership.

  • and I’m guessing $1.50 hot dogs and unlimited drink refills. :hotdog:
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Then it isn’t for you. I’ve been a warehouse club member for about twenty years, first at Costco and then at Sam’s. For us the economics are clear. Even for just the two of us for paper goods, meat, and canned goods we come out ahead. Add the lowest gasoline prices in town and we’re well ahead. We do a big shop at Sam’s once a month and use a regular grocery for weekly shopping.


I did not know that! I feel fortunate that it is just as close as the other places I frequent, so I have no problem going for just one thing. Until recently that one thing was prime beef, as it was the only place in town to get it. I especially liked the rib cap, which I read they don’t carry anyymore. .

I’d go just for the gas, the tellicherry peppercorns, and the fancy cheese, like Parmigiano Reggiano Stravecchio as well, but I guess that’s a different thread.

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Costco has recently added capacity to the two stations nearest me in the South Bay, and its a game changer. In the past, the wait could be what seemed like up to a half hour. These days, its in/out for gas and the price is always the lowest around. Plus 4% money back using the Costco card. Love it!

We always stop at the Santa Rosa or Rohnert Park stores for gas when we do our semi-weekly cruises up to Sonoma. Well worth the price of annual membership, for us.

I joined Costco when I still lived in NYC and had to walk 20-25 minutes each way to get there. (No car, so could only buy what would fit in my granny cart.) What sold it for me then was the savings on medications–the per-pill cost for things I use regularly, like allergy meds and their version of Lactaid, is so much lower than at any drugstore or supermarket.

We have the Costco card that we use to buy almost everything, so we get a great rebate check each year. Now that we have cars and a house with storage, we can stock up on things. My wife drives a lot so their gas is a no-brainer for her. I do miss the Kirkland Greek yogurt, which seems to have been phased out.

As mentioned, the gift card is a work around.

Also, the card allows for two users so if you have a friend or family member you can maybe get on their card. All you do is go to the desk and tell them you want to add someone. They take their picture and it literally took about 4-5 minutes to do. I added someone the other day and they don’t have to live at the same address.