mem teas finally opens in davis square somerville...

elegant space with carefully curated selection of teas sold by the ounce.
tuesday-saturday 11am-6pm. debit or credit cards only: NO CASH!

No cash is kind of against the law. Our AG will get involved.

Is it really? I remember moving here years ago and needing to get a parking permit. I cannot vouch for current day, but back in the day Somerville Traffic and Parking did not take cash. [quote=“smtucker, post:2, topic:6528”]
No cash is kind of against the law

Yes, for “retail establishments”, but enforcement is lax:

Cash/no-cash aside, though, has anyone been? I love their teas, but I tend to buy my own looseleaf teas in the interest of saving a few bucks. I also love that Somerville now has both a coffee training training center—Counter Culture in Union—and one for tea. I’ve only actually been to one of the free “Community Cuppings” at Counter Culture once, though. I wonder whether the experiences at MEM are worthwhile enough to pull me away from usual rigamarole.

their teas are not cheap, so being able to buy just an ounce means i can try new teas without sinking a ton of cash. my current favorites are chai cascarilla and roobios bergamont.

I had a great time during my one visit. I don’t have much tea knowledge, but the person there was super friendly, down to let me and my friend chill at the tasting counter for an hour, and taught me that there’s worlds more to green tea than the bitterness and strong notes I previously associated with it. Especially loved the toasty-ness, nuttiness of the GABAA tea (which has GABAA compounds).

I stopped in with my 4 and 6 year old sprouts the other day. The ladies there were happy to brew and taste a flight of Earl Grey teas with me, as well as offer up extra milk and tasting cups for my little ones. I bought one ounce each of two of the three teas I tasted, for a total cost of about $7. An hour well spent for all three of us. The vast majority of their business is to restaurants and other retail establishments, but they have set themselves up very nicely in this location and I recommend a visit if you’re in the area!

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