mem teas coming to davis square...

excited to see in yesterday’s globe that mem teas will be opening in davis square later this spring (no date was given). the facility will be used to train wait staff in the proper brewing of mem teas and will include a retail operation.

their teas are available locally, but not all of them, and in 4-ounce bags. according to the article, at this new location, teas will be sold by the ounce, so it will be easier to sample their extensive menu. can’t wait!

Great- they always used to have a tiny little operation on Highland ave in Somerville, then briefly moved. Welcome back. [quote=“wonderwoman, post:1, topic:4488”]
mem teas

i stopped in there once. but, if i recall correctly, the tea was available only by the pound. according to the globe article, the elm street location will sell by the ounce, which will encourage sampling new varieties.

just gave them a call re when they’ll be open in davis square. looks like it will be closer to summer – late june-early july.

can’t wait!

Do you know where exactly?

on elm street, across from posto. think it used to be a toy store.

bellatoys is gone?

yeah, stellabella closed around the end of last year.

Wow! That’s quite a large and open space for a tea store. Glad they’re coming into the area!