Melon harvest

Harvesting this year’s crop of melons before the weather gets cold:

2X Round Taiwanese Winter Melon, 2X Elongated Hairy Ash Gourd and 1X Crimson Red Watermelon


Oh wow! Those are nice looking melons. :upside_down_face:
How long does it take you to get through a winter melon, let alone several? The ones I see in the local markets are huge!

What’s with the baseball? Don’t you have a banana?

This is the time of year I regret not planting winter melons in the spring. Those are some beautiful melons, and remind me of the Safeway circular I saw years ago advertising winter melons with the accompanying copy: “perfect for breakfast!” Um…no.

Those are nice! If not too much trouble, can you also share what they look like inside when you cut them?

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