[Melkinthorpe, Cumbria] Casa Verde

Casa Verde is the restaurant and café at Larch Cottage plant nursery – probably the northwest’s best variety and quality of plants. It’s not an Italian restaurant as such, but it is Italianish. So, it was pizza for lunch. One with anchovies and olives and the other with mushroom, topped with shredded Parmesan and a handful of rocket. Decent pizza, prepared and cooked, as they say, in the Umbrian style (no, me neither, unless it means more cooked than the Naples style). We shared a side salad and finished with good coffee. Oh yes, and we bought plants.


Umbrian style tends to be cracker-like crust and is quite different to the softer Napolitanean style

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Do they use what they grow in the restaurant? Must be a very pretty setting.

No. Their plants are all decorative - shrubs and herbaceous perennials. I’ve spent the last hour or so planting up what we bought and have more to do this afternoon.

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