[Melbourne] The Mayfair

I went to the Mayfair, a restaurant attached to the Sofitel hotel in Melbourne’s CBD, for a late solo dinner. Nice dimly lit space with white tablecloths. There was a piano and trumpet duo there playing jazz standards.

I had looked at the menu beforehand and was interested in trying the set chef’s menu, but was informed that it was meant for sharing with a minimum of 2, so that was out. Some of the larger dishes on the menu for sharing (“a partager”) were too big for a solo diner as well.

So instead I had:

Oysters. mignonette dressing (A$4.5 each)
I forget what oysters these were but they were delicious. Briny and well shucked.

Spanner crab, crumpet, Yarra Valley caviar (A$25)
This was excellent. The buttered crumpet base was fluffy and moist with lots of crevices. Nice crab salad on top and sprinkled with briny pops of trout(?) roe.

Plat du jour (A$35)
The special main of the day was a boudin noir with a slaw and pistachio sauce. This was a mixed bag. The boudin itself was quite good - halved and fried crispy, meaty and salty. The slaw was a little acidic and a nice counterpoint. There was an onion gravy that added a nice savoriness. The pistachio sauce however didn’t really work for me. It was basically a pistachio nut butter that added even more richness to the already rich boudin. Not sure what they were going for there. Still, the sausage and the slaw were tasty.

Trio of Mousses (A$10)
Recommended by my server. The bottom layer was a fluffy white mouse, followed by some chocalate-y layers and topped with crunchy cocoa nibs. Pretty good. Sweet.




That looked amazing!

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Definitely was the best dish of the meal. We don’t get too many crumpets here in SF.

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