Mel and Sue Quit Great British Bake Off....

…after the BBC lost rights to GBBO to Channel 4.

Aw that is too bad.

Will be interesting to see how they decide to replace them …

That’s awful! Those two are a major part of why the show is so great - boo hoo…

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[quote=“Thimes, post:2, topic:6488”]
how they decide to replace them
[/quote]IMO, They are irreplaceable. I have enjoyed watching Sue in the Supersizers series (a fascinating show about food through the ages), which I accessed, if memory serves, via Netflix. But it could have been Hulu, or Amazon Prime. Lately, I’ve been watching some of the more recent seasons of QI via Youtube. Sue has been a panelist there a number of times, and is always terrific, especially her mock outrage when the host, Stephen Fry, mistakenly called her Mel. He was utterly mortified but panelists are always gleeful when they can embarrass him.

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It will be interesting to see if Paul and Mary also stay with the program when it moves. The best comment about Sue & Mel leaving was a tweet from an old contestant: Channel 4 have just paid 25 million for an empty tent.

Give the success of the GBB format in other countries I suspect the “value” in the UK series was in the presenters not the format. As the BBC has recently found with the new team on Top Gear (not that change wasn’t warranted).