Meeting for Dinner in CT - halfway between Seymour and Goldens Bridge

We are going to meet friends for dinner next Saturday and we’d like to find a spot about halfway between our homes in Goldens Bridge, NY and Seymour, CT. Casual is preferred and farm to table, steak place, or maybe Italian would work. Any ideas are appreciated.

That’s a toughie. Danbury is going to have some decent places. Would you be interested in any of the backroad places, like in Bethel, CT? It has quite a few restaurants of interest. There was one that I ate at several times, near there, but I am not yet able to track it down or think of its name.

Got the distance thing, at least. Approx. 38 minutes for each of you.

Not sure you’ll like it. It’s cavernous, service was excellent when we went, and I liked it. Okay, my drink was excellently made, no I can’t tell you why in so many words. :smiling_imp:

The Water’s Edge at Giovanni’s in Darien CT.

Not yuppy, and the menu is large, steak and seafood featured.

Have fun wherever you go, Gwenn.

Was it La Zingarra?[quote=“primosprimos, post:3, topic:5182”]
The Water’s Edge at Giovanni’s in Darien CT.

Going to check out this menu, Dee

We are tentatively going to Max 40 but we are still on the look out!

No, not La Zingarra. I’m sorry. I have looked and looked and can’t come up with it.
Though I haven’t been to this Italian place in Danbury, how about Rraci’s Restaurant?

Good idea on Max40. One of my hubby’s friends said he had the best steaks he ever had there. And he’s old, so that’s high praise.

Let me know how you like it if you go. If they have steak, they must have alcohol! :grin:

Thanks Scargod. We have been too Rraci but it is really on the border of Brewster NY so it would not be fair to my CT friends. Good thought though. La Zingarra used to be very good. Not sure how it is now.

Oh, there is alcohol!!!

Well, sorry to say Max 40 did not live up to the hype. The place is very good looking with large tables and ample space between. There were 4 of us (3 margaritas and one dirty martini - one wine!). We shared tuna tartar and calamari and I had the impression the tartar was not cut by hand but in a food processor so it was a bit gummy. Our friends both had the filet with lobster and they like it and dh and I shared a porterhouse. This was supposed to be prime, dry aged meat. It really didn’t have much flavor - certainly did not have the richness associated with prime, dry aged meat. Even the baked potato, which I normally love at steakhouses was lacking. We shared “chocolate velvet with grand marnier sauce” for dessert and it was a bit heavy - chocolate mousse with a ganache topping and very little grand marnier sauce. If I went back I’d stick to a burger and some of the other menu items - the steak was not worth the $90 for two.

Sorry, Gwenn.

We still had a great time!!!

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