Meet the chork, the lovechild of the chopstick and the fork

Isn’t the whole point of using utensils is so food doesn’t get on our hands? And by using chork, and flipping it around during eating, aren’t we getting food and juices all over us?

Or, why not just use a fork to eat Chinese food, especially from a plate? You can’t eat rice with chopstick from a plate!

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Sure you can.

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Agreed. And you can pick up 3 peanuts at the same time with them if you’re not too drunk. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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With one chopstick? Challenging.:slight_smile: I’m not offended by the chork but it looks more awkward to use than a fork. Or chopsticks.

July 20th 1969 we landed men on the moon, an achievement of mankind that has stood for 47+ years, until today. The Chork…mankind has outdone itself yet again.


I read it as “chopsticks” with the “s” missing, not “a chopstick” with the “a” missing. :wink:[quote=“sck, post:1, topic:6681”]
You can’t eat rice with chopstick from a plate!

Sure you can, pick up the plate, and shovel everything into the mouth with the chopsticks.

Although, it would be faster with a spoon.

Gee, just saw the video, what racial stereotype and discrimination.

Yeah the way they depict white people as so completely uncoordinated and incapable of using chop sticks!!!

Ummmmm., it can be done, but I kinda think that’s why most rice at Chinese meals is eaten from a small bowl and not from a plate.

No, you can use your (two) chopsticks to pick up bites of rice from the plate. It’s not horribly difficult. My 10yo and 12yo kids have been eating with chopsticks since they were toddlers and they can do it too.

But, I will say, in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, most restaurants do provide forks and spoons for eating, so people use those and reserve the chopsticks for noodles. :wink: It’s only in the US that I notice people trying to use chopsticks to eat everything. LOL

Agreed about the video stereotyping.

Ah… I totally missed the marketing video.

That’s my original point. Trying to get rice from a plate with a chopstick is doable, but not very efficient, especially with rice that doesn’t stick, or if one wants to clean the plate. Its a lot faster with fork and spoon.

What would you call a spork and chopstick hybrid?

A Swiss Army knife!

The spork, the El Camino of utensils :slight_smile: