Meemom's Kitchen, Wall and Middletown

Recently had lunch at the Wall location, and I was pleasantly surprised. They only serve breakfast and lunch and are known for their French Toast–which explains why there were about 2 dozen options for stuffed/covered/drizzled versions. That’s not MY thing, but if it’s yours, I tasted the Churro one, which my friend had, and it was delicious. I opted for lunch–a panini with (real) turkey, avocado, bacon, and arugula. We also shared a side of sausage that was very tasty. All very fresh, prices very reasonable, and considering we don’t have many diners in this part of the world, a perfect option, imo.

The Wall restaurant is on 35 in the KMart/WOW shopping center–basically behind the very mod Shop Rite. Until my friend suggested we go there, I’d never heard of it. Anyone here been to either location? I’ll definitely be back.

I’ve been to the Middletown location twice. The regular French roast is pretty good. They offer all those other varieties, but it seems like most of them are an excuse to eat desert for breakfast lol.

When the Sprout was in High School she was required to do an internship and was allowed to leave school in the middle of the day. I think she went to Meemom’s in Wall at least once a week with her friends. I’ve been there a couple of times and always found it very good. You can tell they take pride in their food.


Great way to put it, @MsBean! I kept saying how fresh everything was and that they really seemed to CARE. And @coldsolderjoint I’m with you; I couldn’t even eat that for dessert, let alone my meal! I always prefer savory. But I have plenty of friends who feel otherwise, so as long as we can all get what we want, it works for me!

Was back at the Wall location with friends who DO eat those desserty french toasts for breakfast, and they LOVED IT. LOOOOVED. IT. Even after waiting 1/2 hour for a table! This time I had the Havana omelette, which had chorizo, jack cheese, a terrific green salsa, pico de gallo (which I didn’t have, as I’m not a raw tomato fan), and some excellent and unusual home fries, which had a good coating of what I think was chili powder and paprika. “Endless (GOOD, STRONG)” coffee for $2, and I think with tip we spent about $14pp. My friends had french toast; one was a special made with chocolate chip banana bread, the other was the Moose Tracks, complete with mini peanut butter cups.

This second visit confirmed what I found on the first; fresh, tasty options at very reasonable prices, a nice vibe (including staff), and worth a return trip.

We tried the Middletown location for breakfast recently and were very disappointed. The food arrived quickly but the potatoes were cold and the coffee was horrible. We were turned off by the overly sweet french toast items but hoped the egg dishes would be fine. Sorry to say even for $22.00 we won’t be back.

Well, that’s a shame. I can honestly say I’ve had the opposite experience in Wall… If anything, I always feel like we wait a little too long for the food but since it’s busy, I chalk it up to that. Everything has been hot and tasty at that location.

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