Medusa Stone Fired Kitchen, Asbury Park

Newcomer here in AP; I grabbed a sausage pizza and a corn chowder in the first 10 days they were open, and I can’t lie–I wasn’t wowed. The soup needed salt, and the pizza was fine, but it didn’t wow me. I declared I’d give them some time to settle in, and I’m hoping to get back there soon, as their menu has grown. Yesterday’s APP article also confirmed that the ‘pedigree’ of the owners is most certainly there, so I’m hoping they’ve gotten in to their groove! Anyone else been?

“And they cook it all in a stone-fired oven.”

I think I need more coffee

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Well I guess technically coal would be considered a stone? I was hoping it was some kind of ceramic stone oven, but the picture clearly shows a wood fueled open flame.

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Been twice, thought the 2 pizzas we had were terrific. One was a vegetarian special pie, the other sausage. We had a very fine arugula salad one night, and mushroom and spent grain soup (also a special) the other night. Being outside the Cookman Ave corridor is a plus, too - parking is easy and free.

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Great to hear you enjoyed it, and I agree–once in a while it’s good to be away from the nuttiness of downtown AP!

They’re pretty clear on their website that it’s a wood-burning oven; I suspect the stone fired part is about the oven itself. I seem to recall reading something else about the place and how the oven was built…

I’m sure it was an APP typo. We are headed to pizza land in CT to watch our son play hockey, I’m hoping for Sallys for dinner tonight.

We’ll have to check out Medusa. Thanks.

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My wife and I dropped by on a Monday evening for dinner. The place is small & cute & an admitted “work in progress”. The menu is small but made us happy. My wife raved about her beet salad and came very close to licking the plate clean. I started with the chicken noodle soup - it was both unique and delicious - I left nothing behind. We each had a pizza - mine red and hers white. Again, a bit different but absolutely on target.

I hesitate to publish this review - the place is small and I would hate to kill them with too much success. Go, but go quietly.

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LOL…[quote=“The_Happy_Wizard, post:8, topic:6948”]
I would hate to kill them with too much success.

I"m pretty sure they would chose that form of death!! Death from success!!

It’s like someone once said; (bonus points for naming who said it)
“Nobody goes there anymore…it’s too crowded”

Yogi Berra, no?

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Lawrence Peter Berra.

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Finally got back here, and went with a few friends, so we shared a salad (arugula, beets, hazelnuts, ricotta salata) and 3 pizzas–a white pie with sausage/shaved fennel and just a touch of heat (in a drizzle of oil on top? Not sure), a pepperoni pie, and a special of pesto, eggplant, and mozz. All 3 were terrific, and as we discussed which one was the best, it was genuinely tough to choose, but the white pie ultimately got our votes.

A few notes:
-The place is TINY. As in, they probably have all of 18-20 seats, and that includes chairs at the counter overlooking the ovens/kitchen space.

-This isn’t a ‘full-service’ restaurant; you place your order when you come in, get your own water, and there is a basket of paper plates/silverware on the table. No objection on my end, but don’t want anyone else to be surprised. The crew delivering food/checking on us seemed genuinely interested in our happiness with the food and the place overall. Sidebar: having us order and pay before we sat down pretty well eliminated the option for us to order more food or dessert…

-I realize the opportunity to sit outside is almost gone, but if/when you do, keep in mind that the pizza gets cold pretty quickly out there. This did not discourage us from finishing every last bite, however…

-It’s BYO, so…BYO. :slight_smile:

I’m really happy to have this place nearby, and am looking forward to seeing how they progress.


And…now I know why Medusa is so good!! Had no idea that the chef/owners had these resumes!


We’ve been regulars since day-one. Love their food and miss being able to sit down and eat and talk with Lauren and Aimee. In the very beginning it was just the two of them and a helper. Once they hit, they needed real staff. Miss them.