Meda Coffee & Kitchen, Ethiopian in Arlington

This place was packed with an Ethiopian clientele on a Tuesday evening, making it a festive atmosphere… Our standard for Ethiopian begins with a vegetarian platter and then we add meats. The platter here is the most generous I’ve seen, including 12 different items. Granted, there were two different items of soaked injera plus one of cold potato, but the other nine had excellent variety. Beets, salad, green beans with carrot, cabbage with carrot, lentils, split peas, spiced red lentils, an earthy green (manioc?), and shio.

We chose the gomen and the fish dulet as our meats. The gomen was a beef stew with hearty greens (think collards), and was tremendously delicious. The dulet (minced fish) was boring. Both meat dishes were very big portions.

I will go back.