Meat Packing District..........(memories) NYC

Someone had created a post about deviled eggs and for whatever reason my brain works it brought back a memory of a bar in the meat packing district, it was on W 9th across the street from the Gansevoort Hotel that served deviled eggs as their bar snack. They were so dam good, but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the place.

I’m talking probably 15-20 years ago, my ideal night would be dinner at the Homestead, then a two block walk over to the Gansevoort or to lounge One next door. Across the street is the bar I’m trying to think of. The last time I was in that area the only place left was the Gansevoort well and the Old Homestead, that place had the best vibe in the spring months before the overwhelming heat would hit the city. Lot’s of found memories of great meals and fun nights down there.

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It probably wasn’t The Hog Pit, but I have fond memories of that place (also Florent and Tortilla Flats). Along with some extremely hazy fond memories of Hogs & Heifers.

My memories of the meat packing district are from back in the 90’s . . . no food . . . great clubs . . . anyone else remember Mother? Ah the memories . . . . .

Florent. :hearts:

From my last visit, right before they closed:


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