Meat Heads Pizza Burger in LA..............................

(I apologize if this isn’t the correct regional board for LA but I this was as close as I could find.)

Hey, any of my left coast friends ever seen or even had this baby?

I’m not sure if I’m in awe of or scared to death of it. Just curious if anyone has actually experienced it.

No experience, but it looks scarier than deep fried pizza.

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I think I want to take just one bite, see if I don’t have a heart attack, then assess if I want to continue.

“L.A. is a vegan town but carbs are king.” I’m a wee bit perplexed by that statement.

Never had the burger andv wasn’t aware of its existence. However, were I not mostly vegan (by the way, I do love carbs), and if I regularly partook of what my father used to call wacky tobaccy, I can almost see the appeal of this.


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It’s an Instagram marketing bro-food thing, I’m sure. I wouldn’t go near that mess. :slight_smile:


It doesn’t look appetizing or well-thought out. Gimmicky.

I prefer flavors that harmonize and highlight ingredients, instead of muddled greasy piles of goop. I don’t even consider this decent stoner food.

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