Meat CSA's in Monmouth County?

I did some googling, but haven’t turned up much. Does anyone know of a meat CSA in Monmouth or Middlesex County? I have a good hookup on vegetables but the only meat ones I have found are on the other side of the state or at a pickup time that isn’t possible with a full time job.

Thanks HO!

Have you looked at the Edible New Jersey site? I know the magazine often has CSA listings… If I have a copy I’ll see what I can find.

Thanks, I have flipped through that magazine before. There seems to be produce CSA’s but a meat vendor is harder to find. Thanks for the suggestion!

There was someone that set up at the Asbury Park farmers markets in the summer but I don’t recall their name. I will see if I have their brochure someplace

Good call! Their website is but they only show a short list of their vendors from this year. @gracieggg you may want to email them from their site if @Roro1831doesn’t come up with a specific name.

THANK YOU @CurlzNJ and @Roro1831I will drop them a note!

Please let us know what you find and how it works out. Sounds like a fun way to acquire tasty meat.

Depending on where you live Two Rivers Dairy did one for Red Bank, Shrewsbury, Little Silver, FH, & Rumson which included meat- from and organic farm…don’t remember the name- but saw many people liked it.