Meat Allergy Caused by Tick Spit Getting More Common

This came across my feed and I remembered @ccj”s trials and tribulations with the dietary restrictions. (I hope she is well, as we haven’t seen her around here in a while.)

Have to admit I had no idea what it was at the time, and it still surprised to me learn how much more common it has become. Between this and Lyme, ticks are no joke.

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DH & I both read that article. I remember ccj’s posts about not being able to eat a surprising range of things but didn’t understand it at the time. We live in a heavily wooded area of outer Cape Cod and ticks are rampant here. We have 2 Australian Shepherds with very thick long coats and are constantly finding ticks from them in the house and on us. DH wears long socks he pulls up over the cuffs of his pants and sprays his shoes and socks with a repellant when he works out in the yard, but he still finds ticks attached to him…occasionally has had to be treated with an antibiotic to ward off Lyme. We will now have to be extra vigilant for the Lone Star tick…

A neighbor of ours almost died from a blood disease caused by a tick bite several years ago. He said it was an unusual and obscure phenomenon. Our dogs wear flea/tick collars and get vaccines for Lyme disease but there’s not much available to protect humans.

I’m finding it hard to tell from this article if this syndrome is common, or more common. Keep in mind that “syndrome” generally means " a recognizable complex of symptoms and physical findings which indicate a specific condition for which a direct cause is not necessarily understood ."…

I worry that many folks think because a complex of symptoms is recognized, there must be an effective treatment that’s benefits outweigh the risks.

The article I read was in the Boston Globe and was a bit different - both of us came away with the impression that there is no treatment like there is for an early tick bite with Lyme disease. What do you think?

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To be honest, I haven’t kept abreast of the situation, but did see some headlines a few times in the last few days. I like to check out the publication the media is referencing.
These appear to be the recently released Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports (MMWR) referenced in the link in the original post.

I still can’t tel, if it’s becoming more common, or becoming more commonly tested for. I don’t see where they say how many tests were done between 2010 and 2018, and what percent of those tests were positive .

I see there are new “guidelines” that I imagine will lead to more people being tested.

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Thank you.

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There is a treatment, I believe it is refraining from meat (some must restrict dairy, too–that one gives me pause!). That’s what the person who I heard interviewed shared–he said he missed bacon, but that to prevent the spells of illness it caused, he’d gladly give it up.
Perhaps this could be nature’s revenge?