Meal with the best view, anywhere in the world?

What were some meals that you had that came with an amazing and memorable view? What’s great about it?

For me, I cheated a little bit- its not a restaurant meal. The meal was on the South Kaibab Trail in the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, USA. We just settled in a shady spot along the trail and made sandwiches. The view was obviously, a 180" degree view of the Grand Canyon with no obstructions, windows, buildings, etc. Literally staring at millenia of geological formations.


I will always remember this memorable meal and day . Thanks for the reminder , with Positano below .


Some years ago the missus and I went to Slovenia and happened to be at Lake Bled on her birthday. Above the lake was a castle that housed a catering college. The food was a bit hit and miss but the view of the church in middle of the lake was stunning.


Loving this thread already. Stunning views so far.

Slovenia got on my list last year but I decided Albania would be better to visit now that everything is changing so so fast there. Slovenia is still on my list of course.

In my case it’s not always about the food.

A BBQ with a glacier in the background. The beer is my own.

Packed lunch (bread not shown). Purple tin is wild boar pâté with brandy.

Views from my picnic table


Yan Toh Heen:


Used to stay there often when I was in the apparel biz and it was the Regent hotel. I don’t think I ever closed the drapes in my room when I had a harbor view. Amazing view! But that was in the '80s, so most of the food in the hotel was Western.

That was when it was Lai Ching Heen, whose chef retired and then came back across the harbor at Lung King Heen. (Regent/IC’s restaurants now include a Nobu and Ducasse.)

Hmmmm. I remember a steakhouse down stairs below the lobby. Used to stay at Regent, Peninsula, Shangrila, and Sheraton… depending on company and business climate. Certainly not Nobu or Ducasse back then.

Stunning view indeed!

Eating in places far from civilization, for me, means that I get more easily satisfied with the food because of the lowered expectations.

Your meals on the ship and in Torres del Paine were gourmet for those locations.

I’ve eaten both at The Peak and water level. A big disadvantage is the darkness of the interior… lights are dimmed for the views, of course.

Australian price

Have just remembered this one. No food though.


Nepenthe in Big Sur California is nice. Hiway 1 Pacific coast hiway is is most scenic along that stretch.<img


Good one . My favorite Sunday cruise . Love the Big Giant Sur Coast , Cocktail at sunset . :heart_eyes:

Lunch in a little tavern across from the Acropolis.

A spring tasting menu in Tuscany with my man, overlooking pine trees and hills.

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First night ever in Kauai, early dinner at the Beach House in Poipu. Walking from the dim entryway into the dining room. All open windows, dazzling sunlight, wind pouring in, the blue waves seemingly level with us out to the far horizon. A true sensory overload, in the best possible way, followed by my first mai tai and grilled ono.


When I saw that photo, it reminded me I have actually ate in Yan Toh Heen maybe 2011 or 12? So it’s now Nobu and Ducasse? Oh well…

I remembered there used to be a fancy fish restaurant called Yü many years ago. I participated a project related to the restaurant. At the end of it, the client invited us eating there to thank our work. The funny part was after the meal, the waiter came with a bill and handed it to my boss, our client the hotel Regent, asked us to pay the entry and the dessert, they offered us the main dish! My boss got really pissed.

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I always remembered what was in the dish that what’s outside.

I guess the best was eating days of meal on a small cruise in Halong Bay, Vietnam.

The Landing Cafe, Oakland Zoo. Panoramic view of the entire San Francisco Bay, accessible only by a gondola. Can see downtown San Francisco and Oakland in the distance.

Breakfast at Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur CA

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania. Food is nothing to speak of (British hotel style food).