McRib, only not

The cafeteria at work used to have a “riblet” sandwich. It appeared to be the same kind of patty as the McRib, but they used a much better BBQ sauce on it. I have looked in so many places for the frozen patties- for well over a decade now- and haven’t found them.
Does anybody know if anybody makes/carries them? I really don’t like the sauce McD’s uses.

Are you looking for the shape specifically, or just for a kind of pork patties that will taste right?

You can just buy some ground pork and shape it into a rib-like patty, then cook it in a pan. I have a couple of posts on sauces that you can mail order, and another on making your own in an emergency (search emergency) on my blog, johntannersbbqblog.

“BBQ sauce emergency” is a seldom-found phrase :slight_smile:

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I’m looking for not only the shape, I can do that, but it’s not just ground pork. It has an almost cartilaginous texture and a taste that is much different from your basic ground pork patty.

But apt, under certain circumstances…

I can’t be sure, but I do wonder whether that taste and texture might be a result of the techniques used for separating the meat from the bones at the initial stages of processing. Or in other words - depending on everyone’s mood - maybe we’d prefer not to know.

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I wonder too, and agree we may not want to know-

We must not speak of this again… :slightly_smiling_face:

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