McDonald’s rolls out plant-based burgers in Sweden and Denmark. Beyond Meat is the supplier. They don’t use a separate grill to cook these burgers, however.

30ish years ago, McDonald’s tested the McVeggie (or something like that) in New York City, among other places. I had one, and since they didn’t use a separate grill then either, the burger just tasted like McDonald’s. I tried one and made it about halfway through.

^^ Maybe they’ll have more success this time using the well-regarded Beyond Meat’s product(s). I just don’t understand why they don’t go one step further to make it proper vegan or whatever. Is it so hard to install a separate grill?

The vegan food mag says cooking on the same meat grill is what keeps them away.

The reason why the burger I tried tasted like McDonald’s also could be that it was a McDonald’s product, made by a McDonald’s employee. I prefer Impossible to Beyond and have had very good Impossible Burgers at “nice” restaurants. The Impossible Whopper I had at Burger King was lousy and looked stepped on, because it was made by an apathetic cook with sub-par ingredients.

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But I agree, no vegan or even vegetarian that I know of is going to touch it if it was cooked with the meat, and nobody who does eat meat is currently clamoring to try a meatless burger, so then what’s McDonald’s’s point? Surely they thought it through…

I thought McDonalds quit grilling meats decades ago . I’ll I see is reheated meat .

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