McLoones rum runner opened tonight (NJ)

I’m sure it’s a soft opening but it should be open soon. I’ll report back. The former rum runner was definitely the best of his spots. I’m hoping he stepped his game up this time around.

Wow thanks for the update. I have many fond memories of Rum Runners, back when McLoones name stood for quality. Rum Runner was one of the Jersey Shores only fine dining locations. This and The Bluff’s in Bayhead were the two “go to” places to impress a date at the Jersey Shore. lol

I hope he returns this to what it was and doesn’t follow his current business model of throwing his name on the building and throwing whatever crap food the kitchen prepares like most of his current locations. CJ Mc Loones anyone? Ugggghhh I truly despise that place.

Some lucky people get the opportunity to be either rich or great. Bill Gates made a bad choice and we live with those results every day. Tim seems to have taken the same path - his name is now synonymous with crap food. I don’t think he cares anymore. Bill never did.

JR, I haven’t been to any others but the pier village one. When I go there it is with vendors. I will spend my money elsewhere but I dont think the food is bad…just mediocre and you pay the beach tax.

They actually have a good burger now. I am not sure if you saw my other post but this is a solid dish…

Irish Prime Rib Burger: guinness cheddar cheese, onion rings, sliced pickles, pretzel roll

on the sea bright topic, has anyone tried Sean Patrick’s?

Has anyone been yet? Also, has anyone tried sonny’s sandwiches?

Best I can report a friend ate there said it was good but a limited menu. Where/what is Sonny’s?

They have some interesting sandwiches

Did you make it to shipwreck?

Yes, I haven’t been in a couple of months and to be honest they pissed me off. Prices seem relatively unchanged but portion size of salads and sides are way reduced. Hell they are even charging $2.00 for an additional “pop-over” if you finish the complimentary one. Wtf? I ordered a side of creamed spinach $9.00 (fine) the serving size was literally about 3-4 soup spoon. The dish it was served in a similar sized bowl what we use to call a “monkey” dish, the small bowl a diner they serve cole slaw in. I have no issue paying $45. Steak - $9. side $2.50 sauce but the side and sauce should be sufficient to last the meal, not a few bites and done. Then if I want another priece of bread, +$2.00! That’s just pisses me off. I’m a funny guy, I don’t mind spending but I need to feel there is a value received in whatever I spent, I didn’t feel that way last night. (Guess I’ll copy paste this into a review) lol I bet your sorry you asked now!

The steak (strip) was excellent, service was good, the dining room was unreasonably loud, impossible to carry on a conversation.

I’ll be back, But, for a steak alone at the bar. I’m not going back and being nickle and dimed at those price points.

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Wait did I read this correctly? They charge for extra bread? I never understood the logic behind shrinking portions when it comes to cheap food. A fine example. …I used to go to basil ts quite frequently when I lived nearby. I was a fan of the chicken scarapiello and it was a solid dish. It turns over to birravino and the portion gets cut in half and the price drops 3 dollars. I left hungry and never went back. It was kind of pathetic. At least load up a little on potato. There was like one fingerling potato cut in half lol…unreal. pasta is the same way. I don’t see a reason to skimp on something so cheap.

Jr do you get a strip or ribeye at shipwreck? How does it compare to woodys?

I get the strip and or their lamb chops. The lamb chops use to be excellent double cut, thick and delicious, but they changed them last season so I’ve just been getting the strip.

I was going to say, at this point I would honestly take Woody’s strip price vs value. Woody’s dissapoints in that they don’t have any raw seafood apps, or a shrimp cocktail. They also only have bottles A-1 type steak sauce. I requested if they could prepare some bernaise when I ordered the tomahawk they said they couldn’t.

If Woody’s could tweak themselves slightly it would be my go-to spot for sure, however I’m a bit particular and generally like all my accompanying items.

Yeah I need to try that ribeye soon.

Speaking of tackling things, I think you need to tackle the apella mixed grill by yourself Jr. My hat would be off to you!

I’ve got to keep that in mind, Friday night was looking for a quick casual place, wound up at the All Seasons, completely overlooked them.

On Friday this place literally caused grid lock on ocean ave. There were cars lined up on the street to pull in and the line to the valet at the front of the building backed up and spilled into the street. I still haven’t been but I’m curious.

I went tonight aaaannnnnnddddd I don’t think I would go back. Well, I would go back for lunch or cocktails or something other than a nice night out.

Tonight was the wife’s birthday so we decided to give this a try for the occasion. We waited for my daughter to get out of work so we didn’t go till late, 9:45 is when we arrived. (FYI they don’t take reservations)

Strike 1
It’s been raining fairly heavy all afternoon/night including as we pulled into the parking lot. As I pulled up to the valet parkers who were standing under cover, I sat waiting for one to approach the car. (There were 3 standing there) Finally one approached me and as I open my door says; “Go ahead pull it anywhere we have plenty of open spots”. Really?
Q. How many valet parkers does it take to tell me to park my own car in the rain?
A. 3!

We go upstairs to a beautiful open space and approach the hostess desk; “table for 3 please”…after 45seconds to a minute staring at a computer screen and consulting with a co- worker the logistics of table assignment was made and we were brought to one of the well over 60% of the empty tables available.

All employees and servers are young and I assume seasonal employees who were either very poorly trained or not trained at all. Service on all levels sucked. Sucked to the point I don’t care how good the food is, it’s ok, but not great, the service just sucks.

Food was oysters, shrimp cocktail, cheese board, crab dip, Cesar salad and crab cakes. The crab dip we weren’t crazy about, the shrimp were 16-20’s decent size but far from jumbo or exceptional. The cocktail sauce had a very odd flavor, I wanted additional horseradish but couldn’t find a server. I was going to ask the food runner, but after he dropped, literally dropped / plopped my plate down, I paused to give him a moment to acknowledge his faux pas, and he turned and ran away.

Crab cakes were good that’s about as good as it got for the night.

The waitress was non existent, there is no floor supervision and although you can’t get something when you want it, the second you put your fork down someone is trying to remove your plate. At least 3 maybe 4 times we had to tell someone we weren’t finished with something as a hand starts removing a plate from in front of you.

Go be dissapointed for yourself. The McLoon name has no redeeming quality in my opinion anymore.

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Ahhhhh darn. You know I respect your opinion highly jr. I’m dissapointed to hear this. I suppose this is another sea bright train wreck. The best thing in that town is the Angelicas porkchop!

Jr I want to let you and some fans onto a little secret. My man Rico is opening up a new spot. He has been putting out great food at rockafellas for over a decade. He just bought a new spot right behind the LB train station. I wish him well and I know he will do a great job there. Good rib sticking meals, great service, and hearty portions.

Thanks CJ, go give it a shot for youself. Go during the day have some cocktails, watch the boats and grab a sandwich. For something like that the place is fine, for a birthday “celebration” or special occasion the place sucks.

I concur with Angelica’s, I will add Tommy’s Tap House, actually a top pick over McLoons for a nice lunch.

Rockafellars still isn’t open yet but I will keep you posted.