McKinnon's Meat Market, Davis Square, Boston

Not a restaurant, but the much beloved McKinnon’s Meat Market in Davis Square has declared bankruptcy and will be closing in January.

Oh, that is so sad! I hope that they can reorganize and survive. It’s such an institution, and so reasonable that even if they had to raise prices, it would still be a good deal. I wonder if rising real estate prices in the area have affected them.

Folks on Davis Square LJ say that the employees have told them that the 75-year old owner has decided to close and that they haven’t found anyone to buy the place – the rent is too expensive to keep it going. I fear that you’re right, that the neighborhood has just become too hard to survive in with rising prices.

oh, wow. that is kind of tragic.

heartbroken. my go to for chicken bones and feet for stock. have to stash what i can in my tiny freezer.

Yeah, at least there’s Mayflower Poultry in Cambridge for chicken feet and backs. So sad about McKinnon’s, though.

yes, i guess i will have to work mayflower back into the rotation. and then there are those eggs…

McKinnon’s is wonderful and a regular stop for me. They regularly have steak for under $10, often have ‘off cut’ filet mignon for $8/lb, steak tips for $7/lb, chicken for 99c/lb… just amazingly low prices. And since they butcher on site, they take requests and are very accommodating. I’ve gotten sausage casings from them several times for a buck or so for several feet.

I will miss the random items that found their way into their frozen foods section, the surly Deli help, but not the smell in there in high Summer. Good luck to whoever takes over getting that funk exorcised.

Well, when you’re literally a few feet from the butchery going on, it’s definitely not smelling like potpourri in there. My favorite Yelp comment on the place was “it stinks like savings!”

Well, according to Davis Squate Luve Journal, the weekly ad says that there is no truth to the rumor that they are closing.

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Wow. That adds a wacky confusing wrinkle to this story. I’m fascinated to see what happens next. I’d be extremely happy if they stayed open!

As of this morning, McKinnon’s has posted this in their window. I apologize for spreading what seems to have turned out to be misinformation on the part of one of their employees.


that is kind of bizarre. strange rumor to get around!

As a bit of background: it was reported in local press that McKinnon’s declared ch.11 bankruptcy to get their finances in order. Someone on Davis Square’s Livejournal said they spoke to a longtime employee at the deli counter, who told them the store was definitely closing with no possibility of it being sold. Since then, other people have enquired and been told that this is entirely untrue.

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