McDonald's Re-Opened (Matawan, NJ)

They have finished their “renovation” and have re-opened. Much more open look to the place, and lower counter at the cash registers (for ADA compliance, I suspect). To eat in, you order at a big touch-screen kiosk, take a table tent with a number on it, then either pay by card there or take a paper slip to the cash register to pay by cash. Then you sit down and they bring you your food.

One problem: there’s apparently no way to tell them you want the peanuts with your hot fudge sundae until it arrives. (I have no idea if you can customize anything else on the screen–that’s all we ordered.)

The lot has been re-arranged–there are more parking spaces closer to the door because the drive-through has been moved to swing around further back.

We don’t go to McDonald’s all that often, so I doubt we will have much else to report, but it’s definitely not the classic McDonald’s experience any more.