McDonald's All Day Breaskfast -- Doing Very Well

Despite the early complaints, McDonald’s All Day Breakfast is a great strategy and have unquestionably made a positive difference in its bottoline. Sales are up. No doubt.

“McDonald’s surprised even the most bullish investors on Monday,
reporting stronger-than-expected quarterly gains in earnings thanks
largely to serving items from its breakfast menu all day.”

“Clearly, all-day breakfast is helping bring back lapsed customers and
may even be bringing in new customers who wouldn’t normally be going to

The following bar graph should illustrate this point very clearly:

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I had a very enjoyable sausage burrito/French fry experience recently. I’ll be back!!

I went there yesterday after not being in a McDonald’s for years. The menu was so bad! What happened to categories like sandwiches, sides, beverages and combos?

Now, it’s half coffee and mostly photos. They don’t make it clear what the prices of individual items are. I left after finding out a Big Mac is now $4.59.

I guess the regulars know how to order there. I’ll stick with In 'n Out when I crave a burger.

Now I understand why they have doing to poorly. I did see the few breakfast items they sell all day but the only thing I used to like there was the biscuits and those are still only sold in the morning. Boo! Haha.

I’m not lovin it.

I am continually astounded at how many people eat at McDonald’s.

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