McDonald: Steps to Remove Preservatives

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I think it’s great – there isn’t anybody out there who thinks that McD is healthy, or that making these changes will suddenly make everything rainbows and unicorns.


It’s a big deal --when a player this big begins to listen to the small voices instead of to the bottom line, it’s a sure sign of our thoughts about food as a society beginning to change (and for once at least a little for the better)


While I applaud the effort, the McNugget is such a triumph of modern food processing that the artificial preservatives almost seem like a trivial part of what’s problematic about them. There’s a whole chapter on MxNuggets in Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation (don’t have it in front of me so I don’t remember which).

Ok, so they’re removing preservatives from the mcnuggets- that doesn’t therefore mean they are made from actual “food”, or are a healthier more nutritious menu item.
And by removing high fructose corn syrup from the burger buns i’m certain they will just swap in another other sweetner

They could make a much more significant impact by simply removing the largest size soda from the menu

From a public health point of view, yes. However, soda size is a choice determined by customers, whereas preservatives are not. If a customer determines to get a large size soda…, McDonald isn’t the main problem.


It has to do with public demand as well as bottom line. When there is enough demand for ‘more natural’ food, and when people start pushing back against artificial food like McNuggets, it becomes a bottom line issue for them.

The push for more natural food got started by Chipotle when they became popular a few years ago. Chipotle trumpeted that the food was made fresh, from natural, and sometimes organic and seasonal sources. And they got rewarded pretty handsomely for it when the public bought into the concept. McDonald’s, on the other hand, frequently was the target when people highlighted franken fastfood- e.g. McNuggets. McDonald’s knows Chipotle well. They used to own Chipotle.

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They did away with “super-size” a few years ago.

Maybe guys order super-size soda to impress their girlfriends – mucho macho

there’s endless refills at the fountain in the restaurant…so doesn’t really stop much…

A couple of thoughts-

Why are preservatives needed in the first place for food that’s supposed to be cooked, and before that, refrigerated.

And they are only nixing artificial preservatives.

It’s progress.

My favorite auntie called them McBeak nuggets

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