Mazra, San Bruno, CA

Casual Mediterranean restaurant super close to SFO, so great for place to eat before dropping someone off or after picking them up at the airport. I’ve been twice now and like everything about this place. You order at the counter then get a table and wait for the remote buzzer to go off then pick up at the kitchen window. The space is in an old garage or car dealership and it has an indoor/outdoor festive vibe. Great service, friendly staff, reasonable prices and solid food. The kebabs are grilled on wood outside, the chicken is stacked and cooked on a spit, all the sides are fresh and boldly flavored. In addition to the usual suspects you can get a whole branzino or grilled octopus and the family meals with kebabs, roast chicken, lamb chops, etc. sound like great take-out options for easy group dinner. No alcohol.


Always a plus !

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Address: 504 San Bruno Ave W, San Bruno, CA 94066
Phone: (650) 225-9027 or website Live Chat (note: no reservations accepted for restaurant)

Open Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday: 11am - 8pm
Mondays: Closed (Sleep Day)

There is a note on the website that 95% of their Takeaway material is made of BioCompostable material that breaks down within 24 days – nice to know!

Thanks for posting the info @Lethe2020 !
Not that I put any faith in Yelp, but Mazra has a solid 5 star average on 1200 reviews (most of the handful of 1 stars seem related to food orders for delivery). I was wondering how it flew under my radar but looks like they first opened in April 2020.

Tried this place for the first time the other day, and had a nice experience. Had the mezze platter with falafel, the roasted cauliflower, the beef kofta kebab plate w/ rice, and one of the street wraps with chicken.

Highlights for me were the grilled meats – both the beef and chicken. Also enjoyed the tzaziki. The other mezze were good but not super special for me. Falafel was decent. And the cauliflower had a lot of tahini on it, but was roasted nicely and was delicious. Pita was good but nothing super special.

It’s a nice space, where you order at the counter and then find your own seat. Got busy fairly early on a Sunday. They have self-serve water and hot cardamom tea, which is a nice touch.

Definitely worth a try and I’d return if I’m in the area. I think the mezze at Beit Rima in SF are slightly more to my liking, but for grilled items (and ambiance) Mazra has the edge.


Forgot to mention that I liked the pickles! And the roasted veggies we chose as a side for the kebab plate were smoky and good.

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Mazra will open also a second location soon in RWC (pretty much opposite Coffeebar)

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I love Mazra, BUT… their hummus / baba ganoush and the garlic spread all taste sour. As if there is a bit of sour cream or something that would make them sour. Any one else notice this or have an idea of what that ingredient is? I’ve never tasted that flavor in those sides/condiments before. It has been consistent across around 5-6 visits.
The meats on the other hand are delicious. And I love the concept of free tea.

I haven’t noticed that, but I will say that when I got takeout a couple weeks ago, the spreads and toum didn’t taste quite as bold as the first few times I went. It’s funny, I’m in San Francisco, but can get to/from Mazra 15 miles away faster than I can get to other parts of the city 3-4 miles away.