Mayflower Poultry sign is saved [Cambridge, MA]

Fellow fans of local landmarks, we may have something to crow about! Eater Boston reports that the iconic Mayflower Poultry sign was won at auction by the non-profit East Cambridge Business Association.

They hope to display the sign at a public location yet to be determined.

Also planned: More merch based on the “Live Poultry, Fresh Killed” design.


I’m sad to see the place go (though didn’t go there often, I did go a few times - its just a long drive for me)

but I have to say - it’s a strange sign to “preserve” just sitting in some random public location . . . but glad they bought it and are trying to preserve some of the history of what has become a fast changing Boston food landscape (a lot of iconic places have shuttered their doors recently it feels)


That picture of the Mayflower Poultry sign with a pile of gray, dirty snow is SO Boston. LOL


I forgot to mention that when I was at New Deal Seafood recently, post-Museum of Science in mid August, I stopped into Mayflower in search of merch. No one was out front and I had to shuffle along because I left Spring Onion in the car on a 90F+ day while I quickly ran my errand. Fortunately for him, I left the windows cracked. This is great intel @tomatotomato!