Maybe too far out . . . Allentown?

Went to a Lehigh Iron Pigs game today. Ballpark food doesn’t really appeal to us, so we were looking for a good restaurant nearby, but found nothing but fast food. We ended up driving back home and farther to eat at Arpeggio.

We have tickets for three more games and would like recommendations for a good restaurant near the ballpark. Allentown was a bigger city than I expected; so surely there must be at least one or two good restaurants in the area.

All I know is that the one time I stayed overnight in Allentown, probably about 10-11 years ago, I found a pretty good Lebanese restaurant. No idea if it’s near the ballpark or not, but Allentown’s not that big anyway. I believe there is a Middle Eastern immigrant community there, so you might focus on that if you like that cuisine.


Bolete in Bethlehem is good

Thanks Sal. That looks promising and only 15 mins from the stadium!

ETA: Wow. We have tickets for a Sunday afternoon game on the 17th, so I figured I’d shoot for a 5:00 or 5:30 reservation. They’re booked . . . nothing within 2-1/2 hours.

Consider Melt; its about 5 min further away. Big flashy Italian-ish place. Not haute cuisine, but competant.

Thanks Sal. That looks good (and has reservations available).