Maya Supermarket! A New"Mexican" Market in Vacaville

Where Food Fair was forever.

We already have a few, and good ones, but this might be the biggest. Lots of excitement in the air today. I think they are going to need to find their position.
Fresh garbanzos. Poblano or passilla? Guajes?

It includes a tacqueria, with birria, but there is competition.

I couldn’t find fresh sour oranges, nor the juice, but I didn’t ask, and the service seemed very accommodating.


Reminds me of the local carnicerias here, many of them are awesome, but they all seem to lack the technicolor Mexican bakery section like you pictured. And fresh garbanzos? Wow- I want!

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And I see some shelf stable bitter orange sauce in one of the pictures I didn’t post, and there’s a whole sections of flan and tres leches!

Oh! More meat/offal!


…and salsa


Oh man- that to me is heaven on earth!!!

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