May–August 2022 Baking Book: BAKING WITH DORIE

Thanks Caitlin. Not my best day yesterday

Crumb is made in mixer using paddle. Flour,sugar,brown sugar,cornmeal,sea salt,cold butter are mixed until ingredients come together in your fingers. This took some time and looks like alot of crumb but I used it all. Dorie advises at least an hr in the fridge. Mine was about 40 minutes in freezer.
For the cake part flour,baking powder and soda are mixed together. In another bowl sugar and salt are whisked with the ricotta until well blended to this eggs are added and whisked and then melted butter is added

. Fold in dry ingredients until you have a smooth blend. Add your berries. I added 300grms of blueberries but you can use any berry except strawberries because they have too much water. Crumble your crumb on top. Its alot of crumb but as it bakes in melts into the cake. It baked at 350f and was ready in 50 minutes. The result is a lovely not too sweet moist cake with a crunchy sweet topping.


This looks so enticing.

It’s really good. Nice and crunchy crumb from the added cornmeal. My rule is that if I bake something I have only one piece the first time we have it. My dh and son tell me the crumb is still crunchy today.

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By all means, keep baking and posting, but also hop on over and nominate books for the remainder of the year!

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TOMATO TART page 322
Savory galette dough page 353 was made in food processor.
Per Nannybakes suggestion,the tomatoes were sliced, salted, put between paper towel, sandwiched between 2 cookie sheets and a heavy wait put on. Thanks. I left them for an hour.
Tart dough was partially baked and spread with a mixture of dijon,grainy mustard and honey. Half the cheese was sprinkled and then some shredded basil. Tomatoes put on overlapping and more basil was added. Pie baked in 30 minutes. Rest of cheese was sprinkled

on and just melted from the heat. The crust was nice and crunchy and the mustard and honey went great with the tomatoes.


I finally got the book, and am mesmerized by the Lisbon cake which seems to be a combination of flourless chocolate cake and ganache — will have to find an occasion to make it soon!


Today is International Dog Day. Occasion enough?


Sadly, dogs and chocolate don’t mix well… seems cruel :joy:

I’m actually going to a friend’s for dinner tonight so I could have made it and taken along, but it was last minute so I don’t have the time.

It’s okay, I’m good at making up occasions!


I’ve been feeling exactly the same way about that cake, and yet still haven’t managed to make it. Please do!

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The funny thing is, when I looked through the EYB index, I thought only the savory things would appeal. Which they do (I mean - a savory Swiss roll with smoked salmon? Yum!)

And yet, now that I’m flipping through the (e)book, there’s a lot more I am bookmarking.

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Here is another take on the Everything Cake - this one with peaches and blueberries. I added two tablespoons of peach brandy to the batter.

Love this recipe - so versatile.


I have to try it!

It’s super easy - no mixer required.

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Could you taste the peach brandy? It looks fantastic.

I did not taste the brandy, and I was looking for it.

When I made this cake with apples and added calvados, I could distinctly taste it, but not here for some reason. I’ll still include it going forward, however, as I’m sure the notes are in there somewhere.

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September–December reporting thread:


Myson had a milestone birthday and asked for a chocolate cake. I remember LulusMom1 raving about it. So i baked it. Friday i baked the cake and my layers were only 1" high. I thought i did something wrong. So saturday with everything mise en place i baked again following instruction to a T. Again cake was only 1"high. This cake is the result of three layers(1 frozen). When it came to frosting dories recipe calls for 254grms of butter which i just couldnt make myself do so i chose an frosting from Midwest Made called Silky Creamy Chocolate Frosting which has chocolate, corn syrup, vanilla, sour cream and whip cream was great to work with and is divine. The final result was a very moist,dense,chocolate intense cake and was a hit.


Absolutely gorgeous!!