May 21

What a fantastic summer day! Down at Bradley beach. Blue skies. People in the water (but it’s cold!) nice sun and a nice breeze so not wicked hot
Starting to think about where to go for an early dinner. Straight from the beach, early dinner. But don’t want to wait long for a table.
Between Bradley and nearby heading up towards Marlboro. Any Suggestions? Worst case scenario throw something onto the grill at home.

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Porta in AP is a good bet for an early dinner… Sami’s Mediterranean on Main Street across from AP town hall (and you can probably get a spot in that lot) is really good. There’s also a new Korean place on Main Street in AP called KimchiMama. It’s diagonally from the Saint – across the street from the post office. Very casual but you can eat there, and if you go you MUST try the wings!

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The Galley is always doing strange and wonderful things with food. Memorial & Sunset in AP. BYO.


I’ll leave AP to the experts here.

Always Vic’s or del pontes right where you are in BB for a very solid to great pizza.

Netties in Tinton falls on your way back to Marlboro

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Thanks. Trying Ragin Cajun.
Found easy parking and will be grabbing a quick bite Mahi and snapper (wife doesn’t eat shellfish or meat out so Korean is quite difficult.) and just wasn’t in the mood for pizza. But yes i agree that it’s good stuff.
Thanks for your suggestions. We shall see….