May 2021, Openings and Closings (Boston & New England)

New month, and things are looking up. I see a lot more people out when I go to work my couple of days in the square, so maybe it’s getting close to eating out some more? In any case, some places are sure to open up soon and unfortunately some others will go to box city.

These are their stories.


Following up on the Peking Duck thread, I checked Shangri-La’s web site and they “will be forced to close indefinitely at the end May (5/31/2021), due to uncontrollable circumstances.” Any pointers for what to try before they’re gone?

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Home-style egg drop soup, turnip cakes. That is sad news!

Argh, this is terrible. I like the five spice beef and the Taiwanese oyster omelet.

I’ll really miss this place.

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