May 2016 Boston, MA area openings and closings

AKA Bistron in Lincoln will close at the end of service on Mother’s Day. Sad news indeed.

Smoke Shop BBQ (Kendall Square) said most likely June. Getting closer…

I’m pretty psyched for Smoke Shop, I have to admit.

Wen’s Yunnan Noodle is finally opening. Free from 1-3pm tomorrow, full opening Thursday.

I happened to be by there yesterday, did they clarify June of what year? It didn’t look very far along.

Oak & Rowan is shooting for a Labor Day opening. It is from the people behind Brine oyster bar in Newburyport and will be located on A Street in Fort Point.

The bar staff at Alden & Harlow updated us on Waypoint this evening. Waypoint is Scelfo’s new place on Mass Ave between Harvard and Central. It sounds like a lot of the current A&H staff will be helping to open Waypoint and splitting time between the two restaurants. Build out started about 7 weeks ago, and they said to be pushing ahead as fast as possible. The team said they hoped to be open by the end of July barring any unforeseen permitting issues. There was some new staff there specifically hired for Waypoint, but training at A&H for the time being.

They were all understandably excited about the new venture, and said from what they had seen of the plans the space should be beautiful. This is no surprise considering how well they did on the build out of A&H. The food will be quite varied; seafood, pizzas, pastas. They described it as Mediterranean. It seems like the bar program will be on par with A&H. Really looking forward to this new addition to our neighborhood.

The rebuilding of the Whole Foods shopping center on the Great Road (rts 4/225) in Bedford is nearing completion. Red Heat Tavern is there now, as is a new Comella’s location, which seats 100. There is a Thai place, too. But Cafe Luigi won’t return there, sadly. Reportedly the rent is too high, and they are looking for another site in or near Bedford.

My husband and I just ate at Ceia in Newburyport, which is in the same small restaurant group, and really enjoyed it. We just had burgers but they were quite good, and service was terrific. It’s hard not to love sitting upstairs in that warm space on a beautiful night overlooking Market Square. Anyway, I’m looking forward to Oak & Rowan. The staff seemed excited about it.

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gourmet china house on beach street in chinatown is officially open

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