Max Devros Manasquan

Max Devros had an “iron chef” type event last night. It’s two chefs each made a four course meal. We diners rated them. It was delightful and creative. Peach was the main ingredient that had to be in each course. My favorite dish was Peach Ravioli. They will be doing it again.


Thanks for the review. I was interested in their first event but had another commitment. I’m glad to here it was a good experience. Brian and Carrie are such nice people

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What a lovely idea! I always find myself watchting Iron Chef, and I think that is a great way to bring a range of dishes to diners, while not being an overwhelming tasing menu. Fun and innovative!

@msBean: are the owners both chefs? what role do each of them play at the restaurant?

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The chefs are a married couple who own the restaurant. They seemed to have a lot of fun and enjoyed it.

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What @Susieqq3 said. Max is their son.