Matron Glacé recipie / tips

Hello, just heard about these and am intrigued. I happen to have found some great local chestnuts, and they are amazingly easy to peel, so I would like to give this recipie a shot. Does anyone have experience with this, or a tried and true recipie to get me started? Thanks.

Did autocorrect screw up the topic title? WTH is a matron glace?

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I’ve never tried, because they take so long to make and they are ubiquitous where I am (in Italy), so I just buy them at shops, fresh made. But you might first want to determine if you have the right kind of chestnuts to make an optimal version, if you want to invest the time.

Oops, yep, and way to late to edit.

Thanks for the link. I’m pretty sure mine will work, and it sounds like an interesting kitchen project, but I may have to wait until next year and do some more research in the meantime.

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