Match the kitchen to the film.

Kitchen film quiz. Guardian

I managed an OK 7/10

Fun quiz. Totally flunked! When I was sure I had no clue, I didn’t guess, and when I thought I knew enough to hazard a guess, I was totally wrong. 0 out of 10!

I’ll go back and look up the correct answers, but I kept expecting certain famous/infamous kitchens to turn up, that didn’t – like Fatal Attraction, The Godfather, Gremlins, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, Moonstruck, The Help, Woman of the Century. Maybe they couldn’t find a shot of those important kitchens without any actors in them. In fact, in most of the movies mentioned, I don’t recall the kitchens as being the setting of any key scenes, except Mrs. Doubtfire. But maybe it will ring some bells when I look at the correct answers.

[Edited to add, I went back and redid the quiz, guessing at a few (and actually recognising one), and ended up with 4 out of 10 – which the Guardian told me was 59 percent better than everybody else!)

Link seems bad…try this:

I got 3…some kind of genius!!

Hats off to you! I am still waiting for paprikaboy to come back and explain how he got 7/10.

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Well I’m something of a film buff, in fact I used to run a film society. I got 2 , 6, and 9 wrong. For 1, 3, 5 and 8 I’d seen the films in question and they just rang a bell.
For 4, the fridge looked quite cheap so I chose the film which had the lowest production values.
For 7 the grainy feel to the still and also that it looked quite depressing was a good clue.
For 10 , I knew where the film that was the correct answer was set and it looked more likely to be set in that country rather than the other answers.

I count myself a film buff too but I think I would have to put myself into some kind of zen state or take sodium pentathol to achieve the results you did. I have not seen all the films mentioned in the Guardian quiz, but I have seen a lot of them, and only Rosemary’s Baby was one in which I could see a clue in the photo (what was out the window) to realize that was the correct choice.

If you have never visited the fabulous national film museum of Italy in Torino, I hope you will get to do so someday. Much of the museum itself is set up as a surrealist joke, and one gallery is a reconstructed 1950s kitchen, where video screens showing loops from horror films are embedded at the bottom of the sink drain, or in a pot on the stove, or in other amusing places. It’s quite fun, as is the entire rest of the museum.

I dunno, but they’re all ugly, no?