Matawan, The Burger Shop

First time back since the name change. The Ben Burger, mac n cheese with xtra cheese is on the regular menu now but this time we ordered the pot roast burger and the bbq. Waffle fries for my buddy. They make a fine burger, well under $10. With super speedy service. They keep a clean shop.

The only caveat, kiddie crowd on a holiday break or wknd may decide your scheduling a visit. The place was hoping with spring breakers having a blast.


I ate there yesterday had an over cooked bacon burger
Place was deserted, the fries were ok not worth my time or money .
Should have continued on to Keyport for what I really wanted.
Fried seafood, that’s what I get for being lazy.

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That’s what I enjoy about HO dining reviews. Experiences can be polar opposites. Trust you will decide for yourself. Cause I don’t offer recommendations only personal experience.

Point made.

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How big are the burgers? I looked up the menu and pics on Yelp and they seem kind of small for 7 dollars.

I really wish we had some In n Outs here. Perfect combination of size and price for a burger shack.

Depends on which burger you order. The pot roast burger topped with onions was plenty big. The Ben burger is large and cheese loaded. The Bbq burger and the large bun suit me fine. Sides are sold separate.

Ymmv on what you are looking for but I’m happy with flavor vs lb-dage.

Perusing their menu again it looks like their standard patty is 7oz. Not bad, their pictures made them look a bit smaller. Do they let you specify doneness?

The port side will be close to your new spot. 5.00 cheeseburgers on Monday with fries. I hear they are decent.

I have to say there aren’t any good photos on these burgers from what I can tell, but I heard for 5 bucks it is a good deal. Who knows…it isn’t much money to gamble though. I’ll try it soon.

I have never requested doneness. Medium was what I got.

My bad for not specifying how I wanted it cooked.
Didn’t expect to get anything other than medium.
Thinking the meat was pre cooked and thrown back on the grill when I ordered it.

It’s always been my understanding that most places will cook burgers to more medium well range rather than medium/medium rare for the potential health concerns of eating under cooked beef. If it’s requested by the customer it gives the establishment some cover if the person becomes ill.
Just my observations.

I know restaurants who will pre-cook burgers then throw on the grill to re-heat /finish cooking them. Normally this practice is done during high volume times, shame if the place was empty and they did that.

This is the same location that used to be 25 Burgers (or something similar in name) correct? My buddy from the pizza place was the original owner of the burger shop, he sold the pizza place and I’m sure this one too.

A friend of mine purchased the Burger Shop.

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Is it the location I am thinking of? In the Starbucks Plaza?

You should get him to hook us up with a HO discount… will HO for food


I don’t know. He just told us that he purchased it. I don’t get west of the parkway all that often.

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That must be the 8th (no joke) burger place to occupy that spot in 20 years. I just wonder if they are all the same owner who just closes and reopens. Any time I have ever looked in, there was never a soul in the place including one time I walked in and left during the 25 Burgers “era”. Ended up at Trattoria Rustica in the same plaza which is also now closed.


Greg, it’s closed or just under new name and ownership?

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Rustica is gone.

Owner sold after his wife (a guidance counselor At my HS) died. Maybe a year ago.

It’s just a generic pizzeria now.


No kidding. I had no idea my enjoyment of a local burger would create such brush off comments. Doubters, sarcasm and what yuck my yum.

BORING. It’s real disappointing NJ. So next year when you vote on your own comments you pit Rooster down as the most disappointed poster on the NJ boards. Complaints to be celebrated, go figure.

C ya.

We have lived within a few miles of this location for like 7-8 years and I don’t think we have ever made it to this location. Once in a while to the Starbucks in the plaza and a few times to that Italian bakery on the corner.

My only real experience with burger centered local spots is that one in Holmdel in the Best Buy/Old Navy etc plaza which was a great delight when I was pregnant but non-pregnant was an enormous disappointment. My husband concurred so I am assuming it wasn’t just the hormones. ha!

I do hope my comment did not offend you. I was not trying to minimize your experience, only to give some background of the business (as I have not eaten there and cannot comment on the food itself).