Matawan/Aberdeen (NJ) Updates (or lack thereof)

Enzo’s on Mill Road has a new owner and is now (or will be) Benedetta’s, but I have no idea when.

Chicken Holiday on Route 79 and Route 516 is still trying to re-open under new management and even had an ad in one of those “Route Whatever” fliers, but the latest posted on their door is that they are still waiting for permits. The ad indicated they would be serving pancit and other Filipino dishes, so I’m hoping it finally does open.

(Not in Matawan, but Crown Fried Chicken on Ernston Road and Route 9 is off our list, because Mark had occasion to use the rest room and said it was clear that if the health inspector ever saw it, that would be the end of their certificate. We’re back to KFC grilled chicken for our “fried chicken” meals.)

Pantry1 has very good fried chicken if you want an alternative to KFC.

Any update on the Filipino dishes? I’d like to try some!

The sign about permits is still in the window, and it looks like no progress.

I read this post last night, for many years my office was on 79 just a couple miles up the road from 79& 516 in Morganville. I was trying to think long and hard, but you are right, there isn’t a fried chicken place anywhere I can think of in the immediate area.

Not that it’s close, but I did recently take the trip to Edison (had biz appointments in the area) to the Roy Rogers that has opened, but did I enjoy their fried chicken.

So will this be fried chicken and Filipino or just a new Filipino spot?

As it stands, definitely fried chicken–it’s still a Chicken Holiday. According to the ad I saw, the Filipino food seems to be added to the usual menu.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
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