Mass MOCA area/North Adams MA

A friend wants to surprise her sweetie with an overnight to North Adams and a visit to Mass MOCA. Neither of us is familiar with the food and drink scene in the area. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. She isn’t looking for fancy/pricey, but will take suggestions from just about any cuisine. Thanks!

Yes please! I’m planning a trip to MOCA too - never been and could use some suggestions too! Great post!

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We visited the area last year. The art at Mass MOCA is fab (you have to be into installation art). We had lunch at the Gramercy Tavern adjacent to the museum. Frittatta for one of us, Cuban sandwich for the other. Both fine.

We were staying in Lenox (about 50 minutes south of North Adams). All our dinners were in that area. If of any help, they were:

Nudel, Lenox
Chez Nous, Lee
Once Upon a Table, Stockbridge
Red Lion, Stockbridge
Alpamayo, Lee

The search facility should find my reviews of these places (all of which I’d recommend, albeit with varying degrees of enthusiasm)


Oh, thanks so much, Harters. They don’t have a set agenda yet, so I’ll pass those on. They certainly don’t need to stay in North Adams proper.

The museum is pretty remarkable, for sure. I believe they have expanded since we’ve been there. Maybe they already had when you were there. Good to know Grammercy Tavern is a decent option.

Someone also recommended Prairie Whale in Barrington, which sounds pretty cool.

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It’s certainly extensive - I’m not convinced that we saw everything. Even the buildings are interesting - so long as you’re interested in industrial architecture.


For a place with a lot of character and remarkably cheap prices, check out Jack’s Hot Dog Stand on Eagle St. It’s a bricks and mortar place despite its name and it has been going since 1917. Burgers and dogs, made in front of you while you sit at the counter on a stool. I love this place.


This sounds right up their alley for a lunch option. Thanks for the suggestion!

You’re welcome! I hope they enjoy it if they go. One thing to note is that I’m pretty sure it is cash only.

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