Marzano's Restaurant Tacoma, WA

Special anniversary dinner for us last night at Marzano’s Italian Restaurant in Tacoma Wa.

We’ve been coming here for years and have never had a bad meal. We started with wine and the appetizer special. They were very large Arancini served on a bed of lightly dressed baby arugula. The Arancini included minced Jerusalem artichoke, fresh nettles and some kind of heavenly cheese. There was a Marcona almond pesto to accompany.

The entrees were rack of elk with a huckleberry - balsamic reduction for me, and DH had braised rabbit with pasta. Mine came with risotto. He liked mine better.

Had about half my meal and dessert leftover, so I’m going to have a nice lunch after the gym. Anaway, please let me know if anyone tries it


Forgot to mention they have outside seating and excellent service. They have a new pastry chef, so interesting dessert choices as well.

Happy Anniversary! What a celebration-worthy meal.

Thanks so much, it was delicious! I’m going to try to recreate the huckleberry-balsamic reduction since we have lots of wild huck bushes in our yard.

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Now that eateries in Tacoma are relevant to me! can you a little about other things you like on their menu? We’re not big into game meats.

What happened? You moved?

No - I just sent one to college in Tacoma.

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The drop off did not go smoothly enough for us to enjoy any local restaurants. Major car issues, lost IDs, hotels throwing us out as a result. However we are going to see him again in Oct, and will probably like to try the local offerings than eat in the college dining hall.