Mary Chungs? Cambridge MA

We are off to Mary Chungs tomorrow, for a late lunch-early dinner.
Has anyone been lately? Recommendations to order or avoid.

My son is joining us, so dumplings will be ordered, looking forward to the dan dan noodles, scallion pancake and suan lo chow show.

Any other thoughts?


Mary Chungs is the same as it’s ever been (refreshing), no new dishes that I know of. I feel guilty that I haven’t been there in a bit as there are other new options closer to me. My kids prefer Dumpling House, though I find it a bit greasy. I do like Shanghai Fresh a lot.

My son really likes the dry-cooked beef. The bite he shared with me was pretty tasty. All the dishes you listed are our go-to dishes, of course.

I haven’t been in some time, but we’ve always loved the dishes you mention. If you go on Sat or Sun, they might have the chive pancake on the dim sum menu. We also like the hot and sour soup, most of the time, not always. Cash only, I think, still.

Perfect lunch on a gloomy Saturday.
Grandma’ pancake…crunchy outside with a rich filling inside.
chow show as good as ever, we kept the leftover broth to dip the sui mai in.
rice pearls sui mai, a veggie bun special, a red bean bun, two side crispy noodles and 1 soda for $35.00 plus tip.

Well worth it!. A few changes to the menu, mostly on the specials.


$35 for three? (“We” from your original post + son?)

yes, my husband and myself, and our 21 yr old.
no alcohol, son had a coke and we drank the tea and pitcher of water left on the table.

No left overs, we ate it all. We did debate an order of 8 small steam buns but thought that would put us beyond the pale. So we stopped.

Our food was well done, fresh and a bargain. And I think the bigger the group the better. There were a few items we would of liked to try, but not all of us wanted. I think that cart dim sum is better in that regard. Smaller orders.

Yu Hsing pork is one of my favorites, and I also like the plate of greens that’s usually listed on a piece of paper taped to the register. Just a giant mound of garlicky sauteed greens, but really balances out the carbs and meats I otherwise gravitate towards. I haven’t been in a while, and am pleased to hear nothing’s changed.

good reminder on the greens. I love them. thanks.