Martin's West [RWC]

Closing. Being replaced with an Irish Bar by the owners of Steven’s Green on Castro in MV.

Honestly, the place has been in decline every since the first owner quit ( they’ve had three now )

I haven’t been going there that often, but when I’m in the mood for a whiskey cocktail, that’s the spot I head for. The “Whiskey Brick” was always my order ( they’d make any “back cocktail” from their book ).

We all know the story - staffing costs. Each time, the bartenders are less and less well trained, to the point where I have stopped bothering most of the time.

I bookmarked it when either you or someone else raved about the food. I quite wanted to go there but never made it there before kids. And then we had kids, and gastropubs were out of the question. And then ownership changed, and finally, the end.