Martha Stewart Living to cease print publication

Man, I learned a ton about cooking as a novice cook in the 90s from MSL. And Sarah Carey’s work generally really speaks to me (she’s the long-time editorial director of food for MSL.) I know the demise of print magazines is inevitable, but this is still a bummer.

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I learn many of my cookie techniques from Martha’s book.

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Same! Her first special-edition Christmas cookie magazines are my prized possessions.

I think there will still be plenty of cookbooks. It’s just that the magazine itself is ceasing publication.

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It’s time. In the 90’s and early 00’s I regularly bought the magazine; it was full of great ideas and recipes that you just didn’t see anywhere else. We now have so many sites to access that information that the print version is just not cutting it, especially with so many pages of adverts.

Their decision to focus on digital content just makes sense.

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I agree. When they first started publishing it, it was one of the most beautifully photographed magazine- with fascinating, obscure subjects. It’s not up to the original content, but I still hate the idea that it’s ceasing publication. It’s currently the only magazine I have a subscription to.
When will the last issue be?

Like Steve Jobs’ Apple, Martha Stewart is selling more than just the products. They are in a sense selling a lifestyle (of the thinking of a lifestyle)


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Darn- I just got the May issue today in the mail. This makes me sadder than it should. I wonder what they’re going to do about people’s remaining subscriptions. When my birthday present scrip to Saveur expired, they substituted Magnolia magazine, which interests me not a single bit (paint everything white! Including century-old oak paneling and beautiful red brick!). I think it finally expired, I hope to hell they don’t start sending it to me instead of MSL again.

Very true. But at least Martha’s interests are far-ranging, or at least she opens stuff up to new ways of thinking for folks who might not have thought of it themselves. And while I’ve read extensively that she’s a nightmare in real life to deal with, she’s a truly outstanding teacher.