Marshall Store, Marshall, West Marin, CA

Oysters and tri-tip sandwich

Sweet service, tranquil views


I had this place bookmarked for years but still haven’t been. Who supplies their oysters? HIOC, TBOC or others?

Sorry, I have no idea.

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Nice plump oysters and perfectly shucked. Maybe it’s because I was the shucker at a restaurant in my youth but I HATE getting mangled oysters or clams on the half.


As an aside as to service and attitude, oysters are priced by the half dozen. I asked if I could have half raw and half barbequed. “Absolutely”. But I was served FOUR raw, and thought that they had given us the wrong order. “No, I tossed in an extra. The barbequed ones are coming up.” Nice. And then I was brought FOUR barbequed oysters.


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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold