Marshall Store, Marshall, CA

We stopped for lunch last week. Ordered at the kitchen counter, food arrives at your spot on the deck. Oysters presented every way, super sandwiches, chowder. We took the sign that read “no alcohol allowed on the deck” seriously and so ordered soft drinks, but everyone around us had either beer or wine.

BBQ oysters come with a half dozen toppings; I chose simple house BBQ sauce. $22 for 6. Superb but I could have done with a dozen! Pulled pork sandwiches were enormous, flavorful and juicy.

Fabulous view across the water to the split. A lovely hour in the sun and perfect lunch. I’m back in a heartbeat when I’m back in the area.

FWIW, we stopped first at Tomales Bay Oysters but during the week they only serve “shuck your own” oysters and some of our party wanted cooked food. While TBO is a worthwhile stop, I’m glad that we wound up at Marshall Store.

Hard to not be a fan of the Marshall Store. I had never had a BBQ oyster. Really, raw oysters are perfection, so why would you? I’ll still stick with raw, but these were pretty danged good. Gets a little crowded on a nice weekend day, and can often be chilly with the wind rippling over the bay.

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Fish market.
Credit: Ramesh SA, Flickr