Marland Crab House experience in NJ?

I couldn’t find a prior thread, but are there any restaurants in NJ that serve steamed blue crabs on butcher paper?

sorry- bad inside joke from the board.

I really don’t have a spot, but would assume something must be present on LBI or near Cape May area. Would actually love to find a spot now that you brought it up.


I went here once (actually last dinner out before the lock down last year). Sadly, I can’t say I would recommend it but might give it another try as they weren’t open long before we went so perhaps needed time to work out the kinks. I found everything to be a bit overcooked. Not sure if they have steamed blue crabs but certainly crab/seafood boils.

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The only one I knew of was down outside of Cape May. I think this was it.

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There is a new place on route 66 called Crab Tales, they don’t have a website but they are in the shopping center next to Home Depot.
The menu looks to be all over the place even have sushi.

I am not brave enough to try it lol


No, but we’ll be here Friday.

I would suggest Cantler’s or Mike’s over Harris.

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I don’t believe it’s open yet, but there’s some kind of seafood place going in where Kelly’s/Clancy’s was (Main Street at the entrance to Ocean Grove, but technically in Neptune–where the 7-11 is).

And…from an APP article:
Kelly said the restaurant and liquor license have been sold to Crab Tales, a chain that specializes in Southern-style seafood boils and is owned by a family from Ocean Township. There are locations in West Palm Beach, Florida, and Woodbridge, Virginia, and another is planned for the space previously occupied by East Coast Cookery on Route 66 in Neptune.

So same thing in two locations!

The one on 66 is open already

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This place? I think they have that. Haven’t been there for years but they have blue claws on the menu.

Based on having driven past here yesterday, the Ocean Grove location is NOT going to be Crab Tales. The sign says Sea Crab.

I saw that when I went to the UPS store last weekend as well, but when you pull up sea crab on FB it is all about the crab tales on 66, so I wonder if they are affiliated

Hmmm. Odd “branding” choice.

When down to Mud City last night since wife was craving crabs.


Those fried clams!!! :heart_eyes:

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My little guy had a soccer tournament at Neptune last weekend. After the game and some outlet shopping, wife decided to eat at this Crab Tales restaurant (Neptune off Route 66 between Home Depot and restaurant depot) instead of the food court. Ordered a bunch of fried seafood calamari, shrimps, catfish etc.

Great food ? Not really it was okay. But we were there around 1pm on Sunday and their happy hour (weekend 12-3) menu was a pretty good deal I think especially in today’s economy.

Draft beer were $3. And the happy hour food were all around $10 an order. All in all, a decent place for a beer and some fried food at happy hour prices.

They do have seafood boil and other stuff. We probably give them a shot later.


Too funny. About a week ago my wife and I were down in that area trying to figure out what/where to eat. I suggested this place, then withdrew my suggestion when I realized; " I haven’t heard anything good about this place yet".

Interesting timing!! Thanks for TOFTT

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