Marla Bakery [SF]

I had a great brunch at Marla Bakery a couple of weeks ago. I had the Marla English Muffin. On the English muffin was a chicken and cornmeal cake, sauteed greens, cheese and some kind of sauce. It also came with some roasted potatoes and onions. It was absolutely delicious. The chicken cake just melted in my mouth and the english muffin was really buttery. Easily one of the best things I’ve eaten in a while.

I also tried the bagel plate with the smoked black cod and pickled vegetables. The pickled veggies were excellent and included a wide variety. The smoked cod was great and almost buttery. The poppy seed bagel was good and coated in poppy seeds but nothing to rave about.

We also got the sticky bun,which was served with toasted pecans and a warm carmel sauce, and the coffee cake. It was great but humble coffee cake was the star.

The service was also great and the garden out back is very nice. I wish I lived closer so I could go back more often. Anyone else been to Marla Bakery?

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It was on Check Please Bay Area, on my to try list:

Had some friends over for brunch last weekend so I grabbed some bagels from Marla and thought they were really good. [sorry no pics]. They’re $2.50 each and they seem to be baking them in batches, so didn’t have all flavors. They weren’t warm but seemed fresh. Salt was the best with a nice crunchy exterior and chewy interior. The poppyseed was next best. I wasn’t as crazy about the seedy as the pumpkin or seeds dominated the flavor profile. The seeds/salt really were not well adhered and fell everywhere. They were sort of misshapen and clearly handmade.

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