market basket website...



I have never used a grocery store website. Can I ask for what types of things you find it useful?

they have good sales and sometimes the flyer doesn’t arrive.

and just as general practice: after the hoo ha from a few years back when they were in the news, it would have been nice to have an presence where people could check them out. when someone moves to a new town, they can easily find the closest location. just basic stuff.


and the hours they are open. The one in Somerville closes at 8 pm, or used to, which is early compared to Whole Foods.

Wow, Market Basket makes it to the 21st century! (I say that fondly.) Love that they have links to both “digital” and “classic” flyer versions. Now I won’t need a paper copy while shopping.

Thanks for the pointer, wonderwoman.

They are open until 9PM now, except on Sunday when they close at 7PM. Progress!

I’m thrilled since I get my weekly flyer in the mail, hopefully they will discontinue spending the money on stamps! :slight_smile:

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr