Market Basket store brand cookies

IMO, the in-store MB bakeries have dramatically improved in the last decade or so. If, like me, you like a VERY crisp cookie, look for the 11 to a ribbon-tied cellophane bag varieties.
They used to have more flavors but now seem to have only walnut praline, choc chip, and salted caramel. Recently the round plastic tub flavors of softer cookie have added more oatmeal cookie choices like almond maple, choc chip coconut pecan, banana walnut, and cranberry pecan. All quite good if you like a chewy cookie.


Erica @greygarious did you mean for this to be in SF / NorCal or the Boston board?

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Oops, bad aim. I flagged it for relocation.


The crisp cookies remind me of the better-known Tate’s and we prefer MB’s at our house. Also they last awhile, so they work well for a one-at-a-time treat. My quibble is that I’d rather if they were less sweet.

Still, they’re usually on our shopping list.

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The oatmeal raisin are one of my favs, but since I’m the only one to eat them, they are a once in a while treat.

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many of the bagged cookies are from here, as well as the fruit filled shortbread which are also quite good.

Jacqueline’s was independent but acquired by Rich’s a while ago.

Both the crispy and shortbread have all real food ingredients.

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