Market Basket honored for its hiring practices (New England)

And, off-topic, I want to mention that I’m finding better produce selection and quality in the Westford MB than i9 the Billerica, Wilmington, and Tewksbury locations.

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Just one more reason to love MB! The documentary/movie of the employee/family standoff/Artie T. takover is due out soon. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

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Glad to see Market Basket recognized for that; I’m a regular customer and was very happy to have them back after the strike/boycott. I’ll be looking for the movie bear mentioned.

My understanding is that local managers have a lot of discretion in the selection a Market Basket store offers and tailor it to their community, so I’m not surprised that the newer Westford one has more varied produce. I go to the Burlington MB for Asian ingredients if I don’t feel like a separate trip to HMart. On my last trip there I got to explain to the checkout clerk what kaffir lime leaves were for :-).

As another example I can routinely find smoked whitefish salad (for a lot less than at Wegmans) in Burlington or Tewksbury by I-495; when I asked in Wilmington (my usual store) they said they’d tried it but it didn’t sell there, though they did bring some in on sale for the autumn holidays. Hopefully I’ll see it again locally come Passover.

I agree on the more limited selection in Wilmington (though it improved a lot after the new store got built) but have no complaints about the quality. I think the Billerica stores are all on the older side and I’d rate them slightly lower overall. How big a store is Westford compared to the others you listed, and which Tewksbury location?

Oakdale Mall Tewksbury. Westford isn’t as large as Burlington - maybe about the size of Wilmington… The new plaza that houses Westford’s MB is oddly-configured, and the parking is pretty tight. It has quite a few stores and eateries, so square-footage is at a premium there.

Thanks for that info, @bear! I’ve been wondering when it’ll be out. This is one I definitely want to see in theaters.

And I just searched on Facebook - they’ve got screening events @ the Luna Theater in Lowell on April 15th & 16th!

Ahh - here are some other locations it’s being shown:

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
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